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After trying several hosting companies, at last I have found one that goes further that what it promises, yes it's the cheapest, yes it offers the best possible service, yes there is no downtime and the servers are quick but it also offers the best possible customer service, I can go online at any time of the day or night to find a helpful member of Tech support at the other end who always fixes my problem in a helpful and friendly way. I honestly recommend AccuPages to all of my friends.
Paul Elliot

AccuPages has the best servers, the best deal, and most importantly the best tech support I have ever seen! This isn't one of those places that takes your money and hides! They are there with true support and all KINDS of extra features for no extra charge! .
Brian Dimitrios

Thank you so much! You guys are lighting fast and really know how to take care of a client, wish the world would take a lesson from you guys! One happy client!
Rick Green

Since our website is our shop front to the world, it is imperative that we receive a reliable service from our web hosting company. In over two and a half years, AccuPages has never let us down".
Lisa K. Hanz, Swift Export Inc.

From the beginning the service has been impeccable. Any queries that have arisen are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Equally, the costs involved are both competitive and excellent value for money considering the high standard of service. AccuPages has provided us with a faultless service
Suzanne K. Hanz, Swift Export Inc.

Four years of reliable hosting with hardly any down-time. Excellent support, uptime and bandwidth and an annual cost that would barely get you a month with many hosts. It speaks for itself.

Great web hosting company.
Joined because of low cost, but have always received excellent service, great uptime and very very helpful support! Control panel etc. is very easy and useful to use, plus web hosting package is very expansive, offering everything I could possibly want!
Sunil Berni

I have been using AccuPages since 2003. I chose them after researching the best 20 companies as they offered the most reasonable services and great prices, and still to this day!
Roxanne McCarthy

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